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We have many more pictures of our completed projects. Ranging from complete home remodels to repairing basement walls. We will gladly share with you......just feel free to ask.

BEFORE AND AFTER (For larger projects completed we have separate photo's.)

Eliminate old 220 baseboard heater/install new 220 can heater/repair drywall and texture, new laminate flooring with original flooring repairs, new marble fireplace tile/mantel and new 4" baseboard.

Demo wall and reframe for window, new drywall/texture, new trim in window, 4" baseboard and laminate .

Demo old cabinates/install new. Formica counter tops w/tile back- splash, additional outlets added w/new GFI, new duct work added and  vented through attick and out roof, eliminated galvenized plumbing/added copper supply lines/abs drains, new sink, faucets, new electrical/plumbing for added dishwasher, eliminated old light fixtures and added new can lights, also, new under cabinet lights with dimmer.

Removed old fireplace tiles and replaced with new. Simple, but effective.

Demo old bath tub/ install new, demo rotted drywall/ framing/install new, demo old metal window/install new vinyl window, tile and trim as needed.

Demo old counter top & backsplash/install new formica counter top w/oak trim, additional outlets added w/GFI protection, new tile back splash w/design, new faucet/sink w/galvenized plumbing replaced with copper /ABS, hood range removed/replaced with new. Old light fixtures removed/new can lighting installed  and all new stainless appliances installed.

Demo old light fixtures/install new, repair original floor/install laminate flooring , demo old interior doors & hardware/install new and install new 4" baseboard trim.

Removed old carpet and repaired floor rot, new laminate flooring w/4" baseboard and installed new 220w can heater (eliminating old baseboard heater).

Water damage repair-

Wax wiring not properly installed in toilet which caused extensive water damage in walls and under toilet. All repaired and replaced with new.

Mass amounts of wall & floor rot from a drippimg faucet inside tub-surround wall. Floors, walls, old faucets, galvenized and plumbing all replaced.

Kitchen Remodel-

Major framing, plumbing and electrical done. New cabinets, counter tops and paint.

Garage Conversion-

Garage converted to two bedrooms and a bathroom. Major electrical, plumbing, framing, drywall and insolation done (among several other things).

Typical 5 x 8 standard bathroom before:

After: New double door entry, 2 sinks, walk in shower and bedroom conversation to separate walk in closet.

Deteriorated stucco wall Repair-

Large walk-in closet converted to walk in shower-

Main bedroom bath conversion-

Garage conversion to living space before-

Garage conversion to living space after-

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